Live Presentations

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Oregon Children’s Theater Pedro's Path
to Power

Grades K–3

Oregon Children’s Theater presents a musical play sprinkled with Spanish, teaching electrical safety and the power of making smart choices.


Hazard Hamlet

Grades K–5

Interactive presentation complete with realistic effects designed to demonstrate electrical safety hazards around the home and neighborhood as well as energy resource options.

Length: 30 min.
Group Size: 15-50

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Mad Science Presents Energy to Share

Grades 4–6

An entertaining, energetic look at the attributes of electricity, where it comes from, how it gets to us and how to use it wisely. The show engages members of the audience to show how electricity travels and how to conserve energy.

Length: 30 min.
Group Size: 100-200

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Mad Science Presents On the Grid

Grades 4–-6

On the Grid is our high-energy educational show that teaches fourth, fifth and sixth graders all about the challenges we face in providing clean and reliable energy to rapidly growing community. Students are also inspired to explore STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) careers that support advancing the energy industry in an increasingly connected world.

Length: 30 min.
Group Size: 75-200

Call 503-230-8040